Clean Photo

Clean Photo


Pricing & Info

Training & Board:

Stall Board Fees: $500 for regular turnout $525 for horses not on regular turnout and not in training
Pasture Board: $300
Training Board:$700
Catch Ride or Lunge (boarded horses): $20/per
Lay-up Care: extra $25-50 per week depending on needs of horse

Other Services:

Clipping: Body $100
Photo Session: $100 (for clipping, prepping, riding or liberty)
Lessons: $30/half hour
Sellers Agent Fee: 15% of sale price payable at time of sale

Show Charges:

Class A Show: $300
Regional Show: $500
Nationals (Youth, Canada, US, Sport Horse): $1200

*Board, training, and conditioning fees are due at the first of the month. All horses in arrears by 30 days will be taken out of training and all horses arrears by 60 days will be sent home or put in pasture board until bill is made current.
*Show fees include all trainer’s expenses, grooms expenses, horse prep charges and decorations.
*Entry fees, office and drug fees, non-member fees, bedding at shows, layover charges, pro-rated tack and groom, patronship and hauling fees are to be paid by owner and are not included in show fee. Non-payment may result in your horse not showing rest of season.
*All horses are required to have a negative Coggins, all inoculations and twice yearly fecal testing along with twice yearly deworming of Zimectrin Gold if fecals are negative.
*All prize money will be retained by client
*All prices are subject to change without notification